Things to do…

Stay safe!

Palo Duro Canyon is a beautiful place, but its environment can be harsh. Take these safety precautions to make your visit to the canyon safer:

  • Temperatures on the canyon floor can reach 120 degrees. Always carry plenty of water with you.
  • Weather conditions can change rapidly and flash flooding can pose a serious danger. If water begins to rise quickly, move immediately to higher ground.
  • Many of the canyon’s plants and animals have strong natural defenses. Watch for plants with spines and thorns and stay a safe distance from all wildlife… feral hogs and rattlesnakes included!  Similarly, many of the insects in the canyon can be quite pesky (to say the least). Having a good insect repellant close at hand can sometimes be a necessity.
  • Park boundaries are subject to change. Please inquire at Park Headquarters if you have any questions about current boundaries.

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