The Canyon Gallery

Located inside the Visitor Center

by Partners In Palo Duro Canyon Foundation

The Canyon Gallery & Visitor Center

Built of native stone near the top of the canyon in 1933 by the Civilian Conservation Corps, its large windows overlook the canyon, providing a spectacular view of its splendor. The Gallery boasts historical video productions, archeological and nature exhibits, and is beautifully arranged with Southwest art for sale, handmade Native American pottery, handmade Navajo, Zuni and Santo Domingo silver and turquoise jewelry, handmade hunting knives, and a large selection of hard to find regional tools that are Comanche and Kiowa beaded, t-shirts and hats.

Directions to The Canyon Gallery and Visitor Center:
One-half mile beyond the park entrance, at the “El Coronado Lodge” sign, turn right into and through the parking lot where you’ll then turn right again and proceed down the hill to the Canyon Gallery & Visitor’s Center.  (See map & photos at right and/or immediately below.)

The Canyon Gallery, located inside the Visitor Center, is an essential part of any visit to Palo Duro Canyon State Park!  Our inventory is always changing and features a vast array of authentic Native American crafts.

The first group of photos below are of some of the unique items just in from our August, 2019 Native American nations trip. The first photo is a sample of the vintage rugs purchased. This collectable is a fine 1920s rug from the J.B. Moore area, named after one of the first trading posts on the Navajo Nation. Featured in the Canyon Gallery are prints and original paintings by Mike La Fleur, Jack Sorenson, Teddy Draper III, and Cherokee feather artist Talon Hawk Kingfisher.