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Ken Smith Bingham, Nottingham,UK 2019-01-17
Booked to see the Texas show 20th June 19, hoping to get round the park, and do a bit of horsing around as well..looking forward to seeing the country and it`s people.
Babette Russell Longton, KS 2018-09-04
My husband & I recently visited Palo Duro Canyon during our trip to Amarillo for my husbands reunion. My husband has many, many fond memories of the canyon from his childhood. I was very impressed with the absolute beauty of Palo Duro Canyon. Wonderful trails with fun climbs for most able bodied people. I definitely want to come back & visit Palo Duro again. I told my daughter about it because she likes to go hiking with her boyfriend.
Dolores Solis Yzaguirre San Angelo Texas 2018-08-06
I remember my parents bringing us to the gun shows* when I was about 9... I'm 49 yrs old now and haven't been back since... I loved going to Palo Duro Canyon... I'm hoping to bring my grandchildren one day. *((Added by staff: These were classic Old West style gunfights staged just outside the park entry.))
Ron and Mary Pennington Bella Vista, Arkansas, USA 2018-07-05
We came to visit Palo Duro Canyon as part of our 30th Wedding Anniversary trip in June, 2018. Wildfires in Durango prevented us from going any further west. We were in awe of the beauty of this canyon and plan on coming back later this year and stay in the park and go to the Texas music show. My husband's cousin was the music director there for a while. Getting ourselves in shape to ride out to the Light House and other trails.
Aaron Neil Honea Hilo, Hawaii, USA 2018-05-09
It was about 1950, when I wan in the third grade class of Alice Cowan in Dimmitt, when she and her mother Edith Hamilton took me there on an outing. Edith was a charter member of the Audubon Society and between the two of them they knew the names of many plants, birds, and animals. They also explained the geology of this beautiful place to me in such a way that lit up my young mind to a whole new way of seeing nature that has endured and inspired all these many years. I will always be grateful.
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